2017 Southwest Bach Festival Schedule


Contestants will need to fill out two copies of Evaluation form with their entry number, category number, and repertoire.

Please have your evaluation form ready before enter the contest room.
You can download evaluation form from HERE

(You can press Ctrl+F to search your name or category in this page)

It is recommended that contestants arrive 15 minutes before their performance time (which can be found on the website) so that they have enough time to fill out their forms.

Please contact Satori Strings immediately if there any misspellings are found. This is necessary for the awards’ nameplates.

Contest results will be posted on the front door 30 minutes after your contest time.

Sunday Feb 26, 2017 (Strings All Categories)

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Entry No. Category No. Name
1 VN/O15 Michael Huang
2 VN/O15 Darren Chiang
3 VN/O15 Brian Ou
4 VN/O15 David Zhu
5 VN/O17 Silvia Huang
6 VN/Q10 Angela Hernandez
7 VN/Q10 Valerie Chen
8 VN/Q11 Jason Chen
10 VN/Q12 Annali Maria Wirtz
33 VN/P12 Shannon Cheng

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Entry No. Category No. Name
11 VN/Q9 Joshua Law
12 VN/Q9 Camellia Chen
13 VN/Q10 Elain Zhang
14 VN/Q13 Dustin Huang
15 VN/Q13 Zarah Huo
16 VN/Q13 Sean Chan
17 VN/Q13 Sam Chan
18 VN/Q14 Robert Sturdevant
19 VN/Q14 Sarah Sturdevant
50 VN/J16 Brain
20 VN/Q16 Sunny Jong
21 VN/Q16 Tristan Huo
22 VN/Q17 Melody Loi
23 VN/QD16 Annali Maria Wirtz / Sarah Sturdevant

4:00 PM – 4:15 PM

(Break time)

4:15 PM – 5:15 PM

Entry No. Category No. Name
24 VC/J9 Myliah Ishitobi
47 VN/J10 Tommy Chuu
26 VN/O9 Anson Fong
27 VN/O9 Lillian Feng
48 VN/O10 Willie Chuu
28 VN/O10 Jerome Lu
29 VN/O10 Luke Haenisch
32 VN/O12 Allison Huang
9 VN/O12 Jamie Haenisch
34 VN/O12 Grace Liang
35 VN/O14 Anthony Liu
31 VN/O11 Andre Chen
30 VN/O11 Jeffrey Liu

5:15 PM – 6:15 PM

Entry No. Category No. Name
25 VN/O8 Chloe Liu
36 VA/O19 Camille Lin
37 VA/O19 Hannah Zhang
38 VN/Q14 Brandelyn Nie
39 VN/Q14 Kyle Cheng
40 VN/O15 Tim Qin
41 VN/O16 Tangia Sun
42 VN/O16 Darren Lo
43 VN/O17 Kelly Huang
44 VN/P9 Madeline Son
45 VN/P16 Albert Yeung
46 VN/P17 Celina Einem

6:30 PM